About Us

Where local meets commercial quality with your own touch of personality.
Fiesty Firefly gives you beautifully prepared products, Custom made to fit your individual style.

Who We Are

Nestled in the heart of the Piedmont just outside Raleigh we have created a place where we strive to match your individual creativity and capture your personality and memories on every item. Fiesty Firefly (yes “Fiesty” was misspelled on purpose) was imagined by Emily during the strains of 2020. Emily is a professor at the local community college and wanted to turn what she enjoys in projects made specifically for the individual in mind into something for the local community. Fiesty Firefly started off as a passion project to raise money for her home town of Paradise California which was devastated by fires in 2018. She successfully raised enough money from shirts and vinyl that helped many people who had lost everything. Since then her vision has continued to adapt and evolve to bring the company to what it is today. Using a multitude of products from shirts, welcome mats, hats and blankets to more practical everyday products like tumblers, keychains, air fresheners and more. We are also able to do products with personal value such as rock slates, Christmas ornaments, jewelry and holiday décor adorned with pictures of loved ones and memories not wanted to be forgotten.

Our Mission

We strive to provide products that can be used, cherished and held on to for years to come while tapping into your personal style. We do not wish to mass produce generic products that may or may not fit your home and life. We aim to provide these products for local schools, teams, clubs and surrounding communities.

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